The best casino sites: the UK’s top online casinos

With more than 340 places to gamble online in the UK, it can be daunting looking through the all the available best casino sites.

Top English Casino Sites September 2021

50 free spins on your 1st deposit Min. Deposit £10
  • No withdrawal limits
  • Mobile friendly design
  • Fast and professional customer support
100% up to £25 + 25 Spins Minimum Deposit £20
  • Huge selection of games
  • Unlimited monthly withdrawals for the customers in the UK
  • Live chat support available
100 EXTRA spins plus up to £200 bonus
  • Good selection of game providers
  • 0-24 withdrawal time frame
  • UK Gambling License
100% up to £500 and 50 extra spins
  • 24 hours withdrawal
  • Best software providers
100% Casino Bonus up to £100 Minimum Deposit £20
  • Casino popular in United Kingdom
  • Proven fair by independent audits
  • UK Gambling License included
100% up to £200 Instant FreePlay
  • Available to both desktop and mobile players
  • Well-rounded selection of slots
  • Big casino popular in Europe
100% up to £200 Minimum Deposit £20
  • Huge amount of slots
  • 24/7 Live support
£20 Welcome Bonus 80 Chances to Win the Jackpot for just £1
  • Live chat open 24/7
  • Various withdrawal methods
  • Casino is online since 2002
  • Single VIP program
100% up to £100 Minimum Deposit £10
  • Live chat support is available 24/7
  • Microgaming casino
  • eCOGRA Seal of Approval
121% up to £300 Minimum Deposit £10
  • Good selection of game providers
  • Live chat support is available 24/7
  • Wide variety of live dealer games

We regularly update our list. For beginners, we help find great bonuses from trusted gambling websites and we explain more about the types of games available. For advanced players, looking for the best new casino sites, then we have recommendations from our experts.

Saving time – to help get on with playing!

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For advice on the best casino sites, we’ve got the knowledge and experience to point players to the most rewarding options – whatever their experience. Our team are all technical experts and writers knowledgeable about all the top casino sites and we all have a passion for playing and betting and seeking out new games.

We’re all dedicated and experienced gamblers who love to have fun in the casinos, and to share our knowledge with the wider gambling community. We only recommend games and platforms we love and play ourselves – being able to share this with punters across the UK is great. If I can continue to influence the UK online casinos list for people who need to know and who might benefit from my experience, then that is really cool.

Johan Syren

Senior Affiliate Manager at RevenueLab, a key figure in our UK online casinos list compilation, on the team’s motivation

Our mission is to help our readers find the best place to gamble online – with the most up-to-date information to keep gambling fun and entertaining, rewarding, safe and secure.

Compiling the UK online casinos list – how we find and rank the best gambling sites for you

We have expert players in our team, all dedicated to finding the best online casino offers, the most reputable online casinos and the top gambling websites that offer the best payouts and the most entertainment.  Our list of the top online casinos is always being updated, as we play more and newer games and find fresh offers for our readers.  Here are a few of the criteria we use to establish which casinos make it onto our list.

Security, trust and reliability

We only recommend the most secure online casinos and only trusted online casinos can make it to our list.

All sites on our list are regulated:

  • Licensed by the Gambling Commission, as a minimum requirement to ensure a safe player experience;
  • ADR – an Alternate Dispute Resolution body – will be available to players. In the event of a dispute, the independent ADR from the Gambling Commission’s approved list will look at any player complaint and help resolve any dispute;
  • Casino Awards – an industry accolade gives confidence that it’s well-respected and trustworthy, likely to be one of the best English casino sites on the net. We check out these awards and spotlight the sites that demonstrate excellence within the industry – whether it’s a Global Gaming Award, Global Regulatory Award or the EGR and IGA awards.
  • Expertise – all sites in our list were selected by leading gambling experts from one of the largest online casino Canada websites They have some of the most famous authors in the online gambling world.

Reliable payment systems for transactions

Flexibility, choice and speed in payment method are important to players and the top online casinos offer all of these – and we test and check them.  For deposit and withdrawal, we look on your behalf for options including:

  • credit and debit cards;
  • bank transfers;
  • PayPal;
  • e-wallets.

Making sure that the sites are regulated and that their payment systems are safe, secure and easy to use.

Well-known suppliers of the software

Most casinos operate with third party software and, for security and for player experience, reliable software is key. To make it to our list of the best casino sites, the operators will be working with the best casino software providers, most likely to be Playtech, Microgaming or NetEnt.


Every player should expect a UK online casinos list to highlight the range of bonuses or promotions that are available to new players or as rewards for player loyalty.

We check out the best player offers, including VIP programmes and cashback options, whatever the game or the player’s level of experience.

Casino Liability

Money staked with a casino isn’t protected by the UK Government like money in a bank account. So, a player needs to know what level of protection there is and that they are in the best place to gamble online, safely and with protection. Our top online casinos rankings factor in assessments of the level of protection for players’ funds.

If you’re lucky and win big-time, a withdrawal request can take 48 hours to be processed and players can often get frustrated and cancel their withdrawal – ending up losing the whole win by continuing playing. Manual flushing or lock withdrawals can guarantee to protect winnings. These options factor in our rankings, when we are considering the best paying casino sites.

Everyone is concerned about the protection of their personal data and online casinos collect, store and use huge volumes of personal data. From ID verification to ensuring safe payouts, this is part of the lifeblood of the online gambling world.

Helping to improve user experience, it’s also a legal requirement for English casino sites as part of their operator’s licence. For players, it’s important to know your data is stored safely and this is another factor we consider when ranking the best English casino sites.

Mobile experience

With a whopping 70% of online gamblers using mobile devices to play, we look for the best online experiences across iOS and Android devices, when we’re listing the best casino sites. We look at the responsiveness of mobile web versions and apps from the top online casinos, checking that they give a truly seamless mobile experience and offer quality play.

Support and feedback service

Customer service should be available 24/7 for players to help with any problem and with options for phone, live chat and email, depending on what device a player is using and where they are. If you’re playing for real money, you need a quick answer to any questions.

Finding the best new gambling sites

Deciding which casino site offers the best gambling experience – the one that has the games and offers that most suit your preferences – is crucial to ensuring the best possible entertainment and getting the best player satisfaction. With all the options available, even when shortlisted down to our top-rated UK online casinos list, there are a few things to check out, to make sure it’s the most suitable option. Here’s our checklist:

Terms and conditions

Familiarise yourself with – read carefully – the rules of any casino before opening an account. There may be an option to register with one casino that allows access to other gambling services with the wider company network – opening up more variety in game options, without the need to register separately, and keeping a single pool of winnings and wagers. Lots of casino complaints come about from lack of awareness of T&Cs so be completely familiar with these, before depositing money.

Check currencies and banking options

Some UK casino sites have limitations on the countries where players can be based and where they can be supported. Banking methods can vary, so check to see what are acceptable payment methods for placing any bets as well as methods for payout. Most UK casinos have a wide variety of payment options, from Visa to Bitcoin, and many offer PayPal. There should always be available a payment solution that you trust in a way that allows the transfer of funds securely and quickly.

Check if RTP is specified on machines and slots

The Gambling Commission requires, by law, that all slot machines, fruit machines and gaming machines clearly display the percentage return-to-player (RTP), the odds of winning.

% RTP is an average achieved over a significant number of game plays – not each time the machine is played – and is generally measured over 10,000 of 100,000 games or greater for compensated and random machines, respectively, depending on their category.

Compensated machines vary the chance of winning as a result of the outcome of previous play, whereas random machines are – as the name suggests – reliant on statistical probabilities and the odds remain constant, regardless previous wins or losses.


Online gambling should be fun, a source of entertainment. Responsible and legitimate online gambling websites will make clear the option to self-exclude, to help players put controls in place if they’re running into problems, spending too much time or money in the casino.

Anyone in this position can register with GAMSTOP, the online version, where self-exclusion from one participating casino will automatically trigger exclusion from others participating in the scheme. A free service, players can choose to self-exclude for six months, a year or five years.

Independent verification of casino licence

Regulation is the best protection for gamblers looking to find the best casino sites in the UK. The Gambling Commission has a public register where anyone can check – for free – companies which have or have applied for operating licences in the UK. The register also lists those whose licences have lapsed, been revoked, forfeited, expired, suspended or surrendered in the last three years – a really helpful source of information for anyone looking to play with and deposit money with a British casino.

The best bonuses and loyalty programmes: what to look for – and what to look out for!

Bonuses are one of the main ways for top online casinos to attract new players as well as seasoned gamblers and, as the industry’s grown, the offers are ever-more sophisticated. Here’s a quick overview of the most popular:

First deposit bonus

Valuable for experienced player who has confidence to make the most of 100% to 500% bonus to make the most value from the first-time offer. NB. Wagering requirements likely to apply.

No deposit bonus

Good for novices as there’s no risk so it’s playing for fun.

NB. Any win is likely to have a large wagering requirement attached, so this is best thought of as free, fun entertainment.


Definitely one for the more experienced, this option can allow a player to receive a percentage of their losses back – either as straightforward cash or as another wager.

Free spins bonus

Often included in a casino’s welcome package, these are perfect for the novice. If offered when a player makes a first deposit, then these free spins often come with no wagering strings attached – but do check on individual T&Cs

Loyalty points and rewards

For novice and seasoned player alike, loyalty in the online gambling world is the same as anywhere on- and off-line: rewards and VIP schemes and offers may be tailored to the player and may, indeed, reward loyalty. That said, it’s an ever-changing world so keep aware of new offers, new sites and new games – keep an open mind and always shop around.

OK. I want to play online casino games now. What sort of games can I play?


Hugely popular in the UK, simple to play slots are the fruit machines of the online world. While there are endless variations in theme and even 3D slots, the basics of the game are simple. Put in money and press a button! When the spin ends, in one of a potentially huge number of ways, then you might win a prize. Best to do research as payout varies between games and between internet casinos.


The most common form of this iconic game is video poker. Compared to slots, video poker introduces an element of skill – through the option to hold / discard cards. There’s a reel-spin (the deal) and a player chooses to hold or discard any or all five numbers (the cards). Still quite random, there’s a level of player involvement in video poker. With well-known basic rules and, most often, a standard 52-card deck, poker translates well to the online world.


Roulette is probably the most well-known high-risk / high-reward casino game. European roulette – with one zero, on which the casino never pays out – is the most common option in English casino sites. With inside and outside bets, while it is possible to win big, no one can predict where the ball will land every time, so it’s best thought of as a game of chance and luck.


The most popular casino card game across top casino sites, blackjack is the game that experienced players recommend to novices. With easily understood rules and a low house edge, it’s important to check the rules and variants at each table. Betting in blackjack is straightforward but while it’s a simple game, the number of options make for some complex strategies.


There’s no getting around the name of this game for UK players, but craps is the top casino dice game in the world. Casino craps is a social game with a shooter who rolls the dice and bettors who bet on the outcome, all playing against the house. A random number game, craps betting can be very complicated but it’s one game that is generally better online than in real-life – less pressured, certainly for a beginner.


A simple game of chance and luck, keno is best described as a mix of bingo, roulette and a lottery. Keno has 80 numbers and players can select between one and 15 numbers to bet on. The draw then drops a random 20-number selection from the 80 numbers and pay outs are calculated depending on the number choices of each player. A fast game of chance, it’s crucial to play with reputable online casinos for keno and always set a limit on your budget.


Bingo has become a hugely popular online social community – a UK gaming phenomenon – with many sites hosting chat rooms that extend players’ social networks and make for a social gambling experience online. Bingo is a game of chance, where players match the numbers on their cards with those generated by a random number generator. Prizes can make playing online bingo seem quite lucrative – cars, new homes, holidays – but the emphasis is really on the social and on smaller quick cash wins.


007’s game of choice, baccarat translates well to the online world, and top UK casinos offer some excellent versions of this classy game. Of the three versions, the most common in the UK is Punto Banco – ‘punto’ (player) and ‘banco’ (bank), and players bet on which will win the game. The terminology can seem daunting to the beginner, but the game is a comparing one, not too dissimilar to blackjack.

Scratch cards

Online scratch cards are a combination of real scratch cards – such as The National Lottery – and online slots. It’s a random game of chance where players match symbols to win. Many of the best gambling sites in the UK offering scratch card games give generous incentives for first-time users, and it’s well worth looking at top casino sites in the UK to see what incentives are available for these games of chance.

Keeping gambling fun and safe on the best English casino sites

The UK has some of the best gambling sites in the world and most people play safely and have a great time. All top UK casinos promote responsible gambling. Consider the following before and while playing:

  • Gambling should be about fun and entertainment, not investment or source of income;
  • Set limits on how much money to play with and consider keeping a record of winnings and losses;
  • Never play with money you can’t afford to lose;
  • Don’t spend more time on the game online than in real life;
  • Don’t play if depressed or under the influence of alcohol or other substance.

Regulation and control of British casinos: help for players

Gambling in the UK is well-regulated and there are a range of organisations to help with any issues. We only list reputable online casinos and if you do encounter any problems then these are the bodies to contact.

UK Gambling Commission Licenses and regulates the people and businesses that provide gambling in the UK.

Offers support for players including:

  • complaints about a casino or ADR
  • consumer rights information
  • help with safer gambling – problem gambling and scams.
GambleAware Works alongside the Gambling Commission and is a national framework for public health policy and responsible for commissioning the National Gambling Treatment Service through BeGambleAware. Gambling helpline offering 24/7 support and treatment for problem gambling.
BeGambleAware Provides information to help people make informed decisions about their gambling. Offers information and support:
  • safer gambling information
  • help and support for problem gambling.
Gaming Regulators European Forum Forum for European gaming regulators, with two objectives:
  • forum to meet, exchange views an information and discuss policy on gaming matters
  • represent the views of European gaming regulators to authorities and related organisations.
HM Government of Gibraltar – Remote Gambling Licenses and regulates the people and businesses that provide gambling in Gibraltar, including telephone and online gambling.
Isle Of Man Government – Gambling and E-Gaming The Gambling Supervision Commission is an independent statutory board and regulates land-based and online gambling activities. Aims to:
  • keep the gambling industry crime free
  • protect the young and those at risk
  • ensure services offered by licence holders are fair and that players receive their true winnings.
The Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS) An Alternative Dispute Resolution service approved by the Gambling Commission. Free service for players, IBAS aims to:
  • champion fair paly
  • provide timely dispute resolution
  • remove the need for complex and expensive legal proceedings
  • provide advice to consumers and gambling operators to avoid disputes.
The Betting and Gaming Council The UK industry association for betting and gaming, representing betting shops, online gaming businesses and casinos. It’s code of conduct and codes of practice are designed to ensure enjoyable, fair and safe betting and gaming.
The Alderney Gambling Control Commission The independent regulator for online gambling for the States of Alderney, to protect the reputation of Alderney as well as attract world-class operators. Liaises with the British Gambling Commission to help develop policies to protect players and minimise the risks associated with online gambling.
Gamblers Anonymous A fellowship of men and women who share their experiences with problem gambling. The website offers a range of support:
  • forum
  • chat room
  • literature
  • meeting finder.
eCOGRA (eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance) The leading independent and internationally approved testing agency, specialising in certification of online gaming software and systems. Relevant for players, certified companies will have policies and objectives including:
  • protection of vulnerable customers
  • prevention of underage gaming and gambling
  • crime prevention
  • privacy protection
  • prompt and accurate customer payments
  • fair gaming
  • responsible marketing
  • commitment to customer satisfaction and support
  • secure and safe operating environment.
GamCare The major service care provider that shares support for casino players and useful information about gambling-related issues. There are some options you can find on the GamCare website:
  • blog with helpful articles
  • live chat with the specialist
  • forum with the topics about main gambling concerns
  • group chat with people who happened to be in similar situations.
GAMSTOP A free service available within the United Kingdom only that helps gamblers stop playing online casinos by restricting gambling websites and mobile applications.
  • protection of vulnerable customers
  • prevention of underage gaming and gambling
  • crime prevention
  • privacy protection
  • prompt and accurate customer payments
  • fair gaming
  • responsible marketing
  • commitment to customer satisfaction and support
  • secure and safe operating environment.

Taking the drama and entertainment of the casino to the big screen

With the glamour and risk of the world of gambling, it’s no wonder it’s inspired some of the greatest films of all time. Continue to experience the excitement with our top five movies, and then add your own favourites to the list.

The Hustler

A classic movie – possibly the coolest of all time. Paul Newman plays “Fast’ Eddie Felson, a pool shark determined to prove he’s the best player in the country by beating the legendary Minnesota Fats. Atmospheric and gritty, with low-key danger and drama, this is a film about defeat, self-destruction and a lot more than just pool hustling.

Cincinnati Kid

With a serious nod to The Hustler, this is the iconic film for poker players everywhere. Steve McQueen takes on the role of Eric “The Kid” Stoner, a young card sharp who sets out to establish his reputation in the backstreet world of professional poker. His opponent, Lancey Howard, is played by Edward G Robinson, who wrote in his autobiography, “I could hardly say I identified with Lancey. I was Lancey… Even the final session of the poker game was real… I played the game as if it were for blood.” Enough said!


Greed, deception and money – Casino is one that makes it onto many lists of the all-time great films, an epic story of mafia-controlled casino gambling in Las Vegas. Martin Scorsese directs a stellar cast, with Robert DeNiro playing a mafia-controlled casino boss, modelled on the real-life story of Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal. Joe Pesci turns in one of cinema’s most frightening performances as the psychotic Nicky Santoro and Sharon Stone, as Ginger McKenna, is the untrustworthy linchpin in the love-power triangle.


Another film for poker players, Rounders is thought to be the best film about the game, particularly by younger players who perhaps identify more with Matt Damon than with Steve McQueen. Set in New York’s underground poker scene, Damon plays a gifted poker player / law student, with a dilemma: law school and a life with his girlfriend or high-stakes poker with his friend, recently-released from prison and in serious debt. As a poker movie, we think it shows enough of the game to feature on the list and it has a stunning supporting cast.


Not all great casino movies are American, and British-based Croupier should feature high on anyone’s list of films to watch. Clive Owen plays Jack Manfred, an aspiring writer who takes on a job as a croupier to make ends meet. Unusually for a gambling film, it takes the perspective of the dealer rather than the player, and Croupier is a crisp, elegant and compelling observation of the reality of life in London’s casinos in the 90’s.

FAQs to help get playing with the online casinos

Where can I report gambling losses and get help?

If a player finds themselves with debts due to problem-playing, there is a range of sources of help that we’ve identified already. If there is a question of fair play, then contact the casino first. If this doesn’t resolve the problem, then all legit online gambling websites will have, under the terms of the grant of their licence, ADR to approach.

Which online casino is the most legitimate?

The UK Gambling Commission issues licences for gambling activity within Britain. All registered sites should show their registration clearly – often at the bottom of the page. Only ever choose an online casino that has a valid licence for the UK – giving the reassurance that it’s legitimate and that you and your money are protected. Never gamble online with an unregistered site

Can you actually win money in online casinos?

Yes! Online casinos work in the same way as real life venues and they are regulated within the UK by the Gambling Commission to protect players’ interests. Chances of winning vary in the same way online as in a real casino: whether it’s a game of pure chance and luck or a game with some skill involved. But it’s always worth remembering that gambling should be entertainment and fun

How many online casinos are there in the UK?

There are more than 340 online casino sites in the UK, with likelihood of further growth. The Gambling Commission (latest review) shows big increases in online gambling for online betting, online bingo and online casinos.

What is the most secure online casino?

Security is a priority and a legal requirement for all online casinos operating in the UK, as Richard Watson, Gambling Commission Executive Director, said:

“It is an area we monitor carefully and where we find problems we use our broad range of investigatory powers, alongside stakeholders such as software providers, payment businesses and hosting companies.”